Winter Ride!

PrerideSaturday, January 12, the weather where I live is usually frosty cold — not conducive to riding a motorcycle. But today we had a break. Predicted for more than a week, the air temperatures climbed close to 60F (15.5C). So what better way for a biker dude like me to enjoy it? RIDE!

GrouprideJan122013a23 brave souls — that is, brave enough to agree to follow me — joined me for a ride through backroads and byways of our home state to a quaint old town where we had lunch. I was relaxed and happy leading this ride. I was able to relax because I rode the route by myself two days ago to familiarize myself with the turns and potential trouble spots.

GrouprideJan122013bThere I am, in full leather (Chip Firefighters, leather jeans, chaps, leather shirt, vest, and jacket) with a bunch of bikers similarly attired — and in this photo, with a sister’s closest friend from childhood (standing with her big Harley). We had a great time — terrific way to shake the winter blues and cabin fever.

Does it matter that a gay man led this ride? Did anyone care? Nope — not at all. I am a safety-oriented ride leader. Not “that gay guy who rides a Harley in leather.” I enjoy leading rides and the camaraderie of fellow safe riders. My being gay has nothing to do with it.

To prove that point… as I approached a group at the far end of the table to thank them for coming, I overheard one new member ask a seasoned member, “are there any gay people in this club?” Two of the members who have known me for years gave me a glance. One of them turned to the guy asking the question and said, “does it matter?” That was the correct response!

RidecommentI could have gone to a gay leather gathering in Washington, DC, today. But to me, going for a ride, leading a group, and enjoying the comments of “great ride!” from my fellow riders was much more fun.

Life is short: RIDE!

4 thoughts on “Winter Ride!

  1. Why is life so unfair? Slushy, cloudy and in the forties in this part of the country. So envious!

  2. Congratulations, BHD….not just on a good ride, but on being a salient, respected, well-adjusted leather biker! I admire your attitude, priorities, and perspective. I too prefer experiencing real life in boots and leathers, and at the same time sharing quality time with brothers, whenever possible. Thankfully you have cultivated many opportunities for that in your life.

    I like that member’s response, “Does it matter”. I’d like to know how the new rider followed up, however. It might have been something like, “Yeah, it does matter. I’m hoping to find a date.”

    I’m curious, why are all the faces in your pictures here blurred other than yours? It’s kind of ironic given the supportive/indifferent attitude of this club toward you being gay.

    • Thanks, KHG, for your kind remarks.

      The response from the guy who asked if the club had any gay members when he asked, “are there any gay people in this club?” with “does it matter?” was…

      “no, I guess it doesn’t.” Then they turned their attention to me as I had walked up to them to thank them for going on the ride and the subject was quickly dropped.

      The faces are blurred because images on this blog get out onto the internet. I don’t want anyone to find themselves and come back to this blog and find their photo posted without permission. I guess I could go back to them to ask permission, but I don’t know who all of them are.

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