Freedom to Be Your Own Man

OhmyI get frustrated sometimes and am frequently puzzled by the large number of men who are directed to my website and this blog when they enter queries about how to dress, particularly with boots. I follow some of their queries to other websites, such as men’s style blogs and forums, or even “yahoo answers” or “wiki how” — all purportedly filled with expertise about what to wear or not wear, how to dress, and whether or not to wear boots, leather clothing, or boots with suits, khakis, or whatnot.

Why the obsessing? Particularly by men? I know that women obsess over that shit, but guys? Really?

My overall feeling (besides puzzlement and pity), seriously, is relief. Why am I relieved?

I am relieved because I am liberated from fuss and worry about this kinda crap. I am free to be the man I am, wear what I want, and could give a darn about what these other websites and their “oh-too-refined” recommendations are. Hell with that: I am my own man — not a man whose choices are dictated by fashion queens and “experts.”

On DeckSome days, I wear cowboy boots, denim jeans, and t-shirts or flannel shirts. Some days I wear leather jeans with motorcycle boots. Some days I wear boots with pants tucked into them, and (most) other days I do not tuck my pants in. Some days I wear “full leather” — because it’s COLD! Or maybe I will be riding my motorcycle. Or not. Who cares? I wear what I like when I want to.

I may adjust what I wear depending on where I am going — mostly I make a deliberate choice to tone down the very casual appearance of “cowboy” or “biker” when I go to work in a professional office setting. Okay, I admit, both written and unwritten dress codes exist that do not make blue jeans or leather jeans a choice to wear in an office. But the dress codes do not apply to my footwear. I always wear boots — with dress slacks or khakis. Having as many pairs of boots as I own (and no shoes or sneakers), I frequently wear a different pair of boots to work every single day. I can go for months without wearing the same pair of boots twice.

Lucchese Black Cherry Goatskin Dress Cowboy BootsWhat if I have the occasion where custom dictates that I must wear a suit? While I am happy that I do not have to wear suits often, when I do, I wear dress cowboy boots with it. No one says anything. No one cares. As long as the boots are clean and shined, there is no issue about wearing boots with a suit — even here on the U.S. East Coast and in stodgy, gray, dismal, and unfashionable Washington, DC.

In summary, my recommendation to men is to grow up and be your own man. Wear what YOU want to wear, especially on your feet. If you want to wear boots, then do NOT let some stupid men’s fashion blog or website or silly answer site dictate your choices. Do NOT let fear dictate your choices, either. You may fear what other people may say or think — but seriously, guys, that is all in your head. No one says anything, or if they do, they pay a compliment.

Life is short: be your own man.

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  1. Meeeee tooooo… I live in a state where very very few wear cowboy boots. Don’t care. Don’t care what other people think. They are comfortable, manly, and … well, golly, they make me over 6 feet tall instead of 5′ 10″.

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