Top 10 Countdown: 1 – 5

The following are the top five most popular posts on my blog this year:

#5: Breaking In Dehner Patrol Boots

A visual description of how I broke in a pair of Dehner Patrol Boots for a bike cop.

#4: Mexican Boots

Dispelling myths and providing some information about boots made in Mexico.

#3: Do Masculine Gay Men Scare Masculine Men?

My first “discussion post” which was written mostly by another partnered masculine gay man with whom my thinking is quite similar.

#2: A Cop Gives Up His Boots

This probably ranked high because I linked to this post from “Boots On Line” and there are a lot of guys on that board who like booted cops.

#1: Leather: Muir Cap

Lots of guys continue to search for the term “Muir Cap” — the traditional “Leatherman’s Cap” that is popular among men in the leather fetish community. This blog post is by far the most viewed of any that I have written (so far).

And the two posts that have generated the most email and discussions are:

#1: A Fetish or Not a Fetish


#2: An Avocation

My personal opinions about my interest in boots and leather are explained in each of these posts.

Life is short: wear your boots and your leather!

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