One Million Web Page Views

I saw this coming earlier this week, which is why I posted my “top 10 of the year” blog posts earlier.

WOW! From April, 2006, until 13:25 on December 29, 2008, when a guy from Berlin clicked on a link on to enter my website on my “Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots” and then poked around to view about 40 pages: at this moment, one million pages have been viewed on my website.

Each time someone views a page on a website, it is called a “page view.” This isn’t the same thing as the number of visitors — the same person viewing 40 pages is one visitor.

Well, anyway, at that specific time today, the website visitor from Berlin became the “lucky winner” by incrementing my page view count to ONE MILLION!

Who woulda thunk? That means that tens of thousands of visitors have viewed one million pages on my website since I installed the view counter software in April, 2006.

About half of my visitors enter my website using search engines, primarily Google. About another 30% of my visitors come from links on and its message board, “Boots On Line.” This year, about 10% of my visitors come from links I put in on this blog to my website. Then there are the “loyalists” from all over the world who for some reason or another, have bookmarked my website and visit daily, or sometimes even more often.

With almost 300 pages and about 5,000 images, there’s a lot on my website now, which grew from a small thing that I began to resolve a “little family conflict” (explained here) into what it is now. It’s fun, a great hobby, and keeps me in touch with my leather gear and boots.

Well, Mr. Berlin, THANKS! And thanks to all for visiting my little booted & leathered website. Come for a visit any time!