Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots

Chippewa Hi-Shine Pride of Boots

While I was at the staging area for the Law Ride, an event that was held on May 13, 2012, in Washington, DC, I looked at the boots that the motor officers who were there were wearing. This post is a second in a series of three where I comment on what I observed.

Four motorcops from the Orlando, Florida, PD were wearing Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots, model #71418. These are tall engineer boots made in the traditional style with a large round toe and single strap across the instep, and a buckle closure at the top of the boot shaft. Many motor officers choose this style of boot over patrol boots with a bal-laced instep.

My opinion?

Chippewa Hi-Shine boots with added lug sole

Chip Hi-Shines are among the most affordable, good-quality, USA-made tall boots available today. The price for a new pair of these boots is about equal to the price for a new pair of Chippewa Trooper Boots that I talked about in my previous post. However, the quality is much better.

First of all, the leather on these boots is thicker, and the leather lining is thicker, too. That produces a sturdy boot that can withstand a lot of wear and use.

Second, it comes with a standard Vibram® rubber sole. Vibram soles are great, though the standard sole on these boots are rather smooth. Many cops have a Vibram® 100 lug sole added by a cobbler — note this pair of boots that a cop wore at this event — the soles are built up with both a Vibram® 100 lug sole, and an added mid-sole as well. The added sole added about an inch to the cop’s height.

Chippewa Hi-Shine boots with added mid-sole and lug sole

Third, the shine on these boots is easy to maintain. Rather than use wax polish, these boots are easy to maintain by cleaning off daily dirt and grime with a damp cloth, then applying a light spray of good quality furniture polish and lightly buffing with a lintless cloth. The boots shine beautifully for years.

Fourth, these boots have an excellent insole, so they remain comfortable on the feet for long days of wear.

While this style of boot is not every motorcop’s preference, I have observed that more and more officers are choosing to wear these boots over their bal-laced patrol boot counterparts. Why?

… cost. These boots cost about half of what their bal-laced brothers cost when purchased new.
… ease of maintenance for good appearance.
… comfort.
… USA-made.

If you’re looking for a “real pair” of boots that cops wear, consider Chippewa Hi-Shine boots. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, though you might have to adjust your thoughts about what traditional motorboots should look like.

Life is short: know your boots!

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  1. Dude I gotta say the Chippewa high shines are the best boot in their price range. Great for motorcyclists and law enforcement alike. They’re rugged, beautiful and turn heads. I have three pairs lined up in my closet next to my Dehner patrol boots, of which I also have three pairs.

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