Leather Weather

After a brutally hot and sweaty summer which extended into the first weeks of November, it has finally consistently become “leather weather.”

I’ve blogged about this often — with so much leather gear in my closets, it does not make sense not to wear it regularly.

Since mid-November, I have…

…turned the thermostat lower on my home heating system, and donned leather shirts, jeans, and (of course) boots to wear at home.

I have a number of long-sleeved leather shirts that I enjoy. I just received a new leather shirt with the Stetson label. It is really soft and quite comfortable. It has become a new everyday favorite.

When I go out, often I am in my EMS uniform as I serve as a vaccinator. If I go out to the grocery store, I will wear my full leathers plus a leather motorcycle jacket (such as my comfy Schott Perfecto.)

I have no other reasons to go out. All of the community meetings that I used to attend in person are still meeting in the virtual world. For a few of those, I’ll wear a tie — a leather tie — with my leather shirt. (No one has said a thing except one guy with the “Zoom joke” of “are you wearing leather underwear?” Hmm… no, but reminded me that I do have a leather jock [giggle].) No, I don’t wear the Muir cap on virtual meetings.

Since I built a wonderful chef’s kitchen when I built the house I live in, I love to cook at home. I do not eat at restaurants or “order in.” I cook, bake, and grill hot meals every day, just like I always have done. (Pandemic be darned; nothing much has changed for me enjoying being at home.)

I am comfy at home in leather most of the time now. Yay cooler weather!

Life is short: leather up if you’ve got it!

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  1. Like a bottle of wine, u get better with age…I really mean to say sexier but don’t want u to think I’m coming onto You.

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