Late Autumn Leathered Ride

Now that I have well-fitting bars on my new Harley and the weather is appropriately cool but not frigidly cold, today (Friday 10 Dec), I had to run errands, so I thought, “take the Harley!”

It has been way too long since I rode my Harley. Today, however, was…

…just great.

Squeak of the leathers sounds great. Long-sleeved leather shirt, Northbound leather jeans, Schott Perfecto leather jacket, leather gauntlet gloves, Chippewa harness boots… “the works.’

Feel of the leathers is … well, why I wear it. Warm, comfortable, well-fitted.

Smell of the leathers is … mmmmph, just wonderful.

Sight of the leathers is … well, judge for yourself:

Northbound Leather Jeans, Schott Perfecto 118 Jacket, Chippewa harness boots

Life is short: leather up and RIDE!