Website Issues

I am having significant problems with the company that hosts my main website,, and this blog. The hosting company, Hostgator, has really fallen down on the job. The back story is sad…

In early March, Hostgator upgraded the PHP support on the backend of this website. I was notified they were going to do that, and had no issues with it.

However, some features of my website like the photo gallery software Coppermine that had my “cop galleries” and also travel photos from my Utah motorcycle adventures and travel with my husband — stopped working. Even though Coppermine is supposed to be supported by Hostgator and claims it would work on a higher PHP level, it stopped working.

I called Hostgator Support on March 10. After some frustration with support personnel who spoke with a thick accent that was hard to understand, they claimed they fixed it.

I checked, and yes, I could see the images on those galleries, so I thought all was well and done.

However, Hostgator did something screwey on the backend of my website. I no longer could crawl it, and it was throwing off many error messages about CPU usage beyond usual.

I was accused by Hostgator of running scripts or doing something that caused this problem to happen. I kept telling them that I did not change a thing, but by March 27, they blocked my site for “overusage of CPU resources.”

I have gone back-and-forth with them over and over again. Their Support is definitely strained and lacking. Far from how it used to be. They take days to address questions or issues, and parrot back cut-and-paste responses in computer gibberish.

I deleted the photo galleries supported by Coppermine — the cop galleries and my travel photo galleries. I also deleted an automated site indexer that ran an index “cron job” once a night.

NONE of the changes I did seem to have resolved the issue.

While the site is back up and running, it will not be long before CPU overusage will cause it to be blocked again.

This is so very frustrating. I have reached a brick wall with Hostgator “NON-SUPPORT.” They refuse to take responsibility for causing the problem in the first place, and will not fix it.

I am now forced to abandon hostgator for another web host. Hostgator’s refusal to work with me, speak understandable plain English, and fix the problem THEY created leaves me no choice.

If you are looking for a web hosting company, I strongly recommend going elsewhere. Hostgator has become really bad, slow, and unprofessional in working with long-term clients. There are better web hosts out there.

Life is short: roll with changes when required when a web host falls apart and is unable to perform as they once did. R.I.P., Hostgator. Good luck surviving the number of clients who, like me, are abandoning you for better support.