Ante Diem II Kal Aprilis

The title of this post is obsure… dates back to the Roman days on how they denoted dates on the calendar. Read this message through, and this old dinosaur who is on a first-name basis with Iulius Caesar will define it. (No “J” in Latin… I continue…)

I realized that I had not posted on this blog in way too long. I keep thinking that I should, but either run out of time or run out of things to say.

I appreciate hearing from some reader who have extended condolences to me on the loss of my husband. One word: he was my husband, not partner. We were married, and we were darn proud to be married with the same rights, responsibilities, and commitment as any other married couple. If you extend condolences, please have the respect to refer to my recently deceased spouse as my husband, not a mere partner.

I continue to deal with legal matters with numerous banks and financial companies. Some are good and responsive. Some are slow. One was really horrible (I call it “crapital scum.” Figure out which bank I am referring to? They are disrespectful, inattentive to detail, and generally nasty to deal with.)

Moving on with life one bootstep at a time…

I earned my full license as a qualified paramedic. I am serving my community by giving vaccinations for Covid-19. I have “shot” over 2,500 people now.

Generally, I do not serve on a medic unit (ambulance, rig, bus, or truck, whatever you want to call it). I am assigned to my local Department of Health, “on loan” from the Fire Department to them for an indefinite period.

I will have one exception — I will serve on a medic unit on Sunday, April 4. I will relieve two younger paramedics who have families and children so they can spend some of the Easter holiday with family and observe this important-to-Christians holiday. I will sub for one 6-hour shift in the morning and another six-hour shift in the afternoon.

I am doing that because April 4 is the date my husband and I were married in the county courthouse of the county where I was born and raised, and where we built our home and life together. This date will be the first anniversary without my husband, and it’s gonna hurt. Serving my community as a medic will get me out of the house and keep me occupied in caring for the community I love.

On 22 March, I had an “honoring” ceremony where six close family and friends came over to support me as I scattered half of my husband’s ashes in a garden that I transformed from the pond I built for him in 2013. I converted the pond into a raise-bed garden, complete with fountain.

My family and friends watched me scatter half of my husband’s ashes, then assisted in filling the garden with soil. Plants will follow soon, once I receive an order I placed on-line.

My new motorcycle is delayed. Sigh. One thing after another, but eventually it will be delivered. I am now thinking by mid-April (or at least I hope so.)

Meanwhile, two major projects at my house are occupying a lot of my time, energy, and thought.

I am managing demolition and reconstruction of a two-level, 900-sf deck during the month of April. No April fools — demolition begins on the first of the month (Kalends — first.) Materials I have ordered will be delivered by mid-April, then construction by the crew I have hired will begin. If all goes well (and probably won’t), I will have a new deck by May. I hope.

Then in Mid-April (Ides), I am managing a major renovation of my home’s master bath. This too is a major project. I have ordered and received most of the materials I require (fixtures, vanity, mirrors, faucets, shower surround, etc.) Scheduling the crew has been difficult, but if all goes as planned, the project will begin 19 April.

Again, I am managing the projects, not doing the labor myself. I have found younger, more able-bodied professionals to do the hard work.

When the projects are being worked on, I will serve as a vaccinator two to four days each week as my schedule permits. Great to be a volunteer, because I can call my time — I am not subject to being ordered when and where to be at any given time.

I have been busy — really busy — but productive and contributive to my community, my family, friends, FF/EMS “family,” and neighbors. This keeps me moving forward in a positive direction, one bootstep after another.

NOW — to define the subject of this post. This ol’ dinosaur, author of this blog, studied Latin for six years. The Ancient Romans defined the date of March 30 as “two days before (ante diem II)” the first (Kal. or Kalends) of April (Aprilis). Now you know.

There will not be an April Fools day post on this blog. I am not finding much funny… understandably.

Keep safe, keep wearing a mask, keep physical distance, wash your hands often, and maintain Covid mitigation measures! It won’t be too much longer that we can return to a more regular way of living, but we all have to continue with the covid safety mitigation measures to prevent further illness and deaths.

Life is short: keep going, be productive, and serve.

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