Off The Break

I know I have been unusually quiet on this blog. It’s already the first of September and I realized that I have not written a post for this blog since two weeks ago on my 2020-birthday-from-hell.

Yeah, the day downgraded rapidly, and kept me…

… really really REALLY busy caring for my beloved husband. He’s having a very rough time. I will not say any more since this blog is public and frankly, it’s not the boot or leather enthusiast’s business.

Let’s say that I am “focused” on what’s most important.

During this time, I have stayed home. Home is where my heart is.

I have not ridden my Harley because if anything happened to me, my husband would lose his primary caregiver and I’m not going to let that happen.

I also have to stick close to the phone and computer.

However, I do not want to give up on this blog. I see so many blogs just stop, like they are in suspended animation. So I will try to post something boot- or leather-related at least once a week.

Starting here: examine the ad from Tecovas below closely — a new Chelsea boot they released today.

Don’t get me wrong — I really like Tecovas Boots and now have 14 pairs that I wear regularly. While Chelsea boots are not my style or taste, they are appealing to the younger dudes so the company can continue to expand their clientele. I get it. I will not buy a pair of those boots because I just don’t like them. That’s my personal choice and my tastes.

However, like you used to see in magazine puzzles, what’s wrong with these marketing pictures? My next post will explain if you don’t see it.If you can’t tell what I am concerned about from the above, how about this:Life is short: wear the right boot for the right application.