Finally Figured Out How to Convert to SSL

I blogged before that I had purchased SSL certificates for this website and website, but I could not figure out how to get them to work to show these sites with the “https://” URL.

For a while, I gave up. But now that I have a bit more time since I retired, I…

…figured out what I need to do.

The reason why I want to convert my web properties to use SSL is that most search engines will not index my website or blog any more with the non-secure “http://” URL format.

To do this, I need to recode every single page of my website’s some 890+ HTML pages. That will take a while.

Here is a page of how it will look: Tecovas Square Toe Boots. You will notice:

  • Change of color on background from black to dark blue
  • Change of color of links
  • Consistent use of font size, height, and style
  • A navigation table at the bottom, instead of a long list of links

What do you think? Leave a comment. I can change colors, font, etc., but want to make these changes now before I spend more time on it.

Here is an example of an unchanged (so far) page, so you can compare: Tecovas Alligator Boots. The changes to the visitor should not be that obvious, but they will enable my website (and this blog) to work on a wider variety of devices than they do now.

Life is short: do what you need to do to keep up with the times.