2020 Retirement Plans

Welcome to 2020… where I still wake at 0400, but keep myself in bed until at least 0500 since I do not have to get up to drive to work any more 🙂 !

Some have advised and some have just asked about what I should do “during” retirement.

I have short-term, medium-term, and long-range plans, all discussed thoroughly with The Spouse and agreed. So what are these plans?

First of all, at least during my first year of retirement, taking time to really enjoy myself and to do things with my husband that I had not had time or he had capability to do before.

We are doing some traveling, at first within the United States.

My first trip will be short — to go to a retirement party that dear friends are hosting for me in Portland, Oregon. Why there? It is the location of a meeting of the group I have supported at work for a decade. This group wants to have some fun and roast me. I am looking forward to it. Spouse will not go with me since it is such a short trip and he doesn’t want to expose himself to cold germs on the flights and run the risk of getting sick before our first major trip together a week later.

I was offered a great opportunity to “housesit” for a friend who has a great house on a beach in Western Puerto Rico. While Spouse does not speak the language, he does “speak Speedo.” Woof! Can’t wait to go lay on a beach next to Spouse on the Caribbean side of the island for a couple weeks, hang out with my friends, enjoy the local food, and rest. Really rest. (No email, no meetings, no deadlines, no nuttin’).

I was also offered a speaking engagement in Hawaii in March. On acceptance, they paid for a plane ticket and I bought a companion ticket for Spouse to join me. We will spend a few days on Oahu where the conference that I am keynoting will be held, then we fly to Kauai for a week on the garden island for a honeymoon-like week of relaxation on a private military resort, then fly to the Big Island to stay for another week. Buddies in the motorcycle riding club I met a few years ago will take me for another ride. Otherwise, Spouse and I will just be tourists.

April/May will find us doing some major renovations of our primary home. I have to replace our decks. While it is a big job, I will have the time to “GC” the work myself and hire helpers to execute it. Why I let Spouse talk me into building our decks with cedar, I’ll never know. The cedar has begun to crumble and the decks are unsafe. Time for them to be completely replaced with more modern weather-resistant materials.

Come June, I will team up again with my buddy “S” and go on our Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure II which features the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Monument Valley, The Four Corners, Canyons of the Ancients, Arches National Park, and (weather permitting), a return through the Grand Staircase Escalante. Harley rentals and hotel rooms have been reserved!

July and forward are unplanned right now… we have some ideas that we are mulling, but will figure out later. No hurry to do so.

One thing we are not doing: selling our house or moving. For now, we enjoy where we live and have no major reason to sell and move. We have no mortgage, no debt, and actually lowering taxes. The house is in great shape (other than the aforementioned decks!)

Mid-range plans do involve downsizing, selling the house, and moving… but that is a ways off. No, we do not know where we want to move. Some of those decision may have a lot to do with the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Unless we decide to leave the U.S. for a while, we will stay in (or close — Canada is close) our country somewhere that is in a location that is more favorable for retirees (tax-wise), and also tolerable considering we are a same-sex married couple. (That means that we will not consider some intolerant areas of the U.S.)

Long-range plans are in discussion with financial advisers. Stay tuned…

Life is short: plan ahead for adventures, but leave latitude to variety and flexibility!