Winter Ride

Whilst most of the continental United States is experiencing rain and snow, the weather on Saturday 28 December in Maryland was unusually pleasant. Sun (though winter muted), dry, and mild with air temperatures that reached 60F (16.5C).

As I mentioned in my recent post, I have been noticing the weather forecast and giving signs at home (longing looks at my neglected Harley and deep sighing–catches the attention of the Spouse every time).

So on this fine day, I got together with some buddies and…

…went for a delightful 90-mile ride through the countryside to a town north of us for lunch.

The ride was great… good roads, and best of all — no speeding! I have some friends who consistently ride way above the posted speed limit and make it difficult for me to keep up. Riding with a death-grip on the bars is no fun and exhausting.

But not this ride. We kept within the limits of speed that enabled me to keep up and relax to enjoy the scenery.

Six of us rode on this ride and had a great time.

Of course, what would a motorcycle ride with this particular group be without stopping for ice cream on the way home? Ha…

What did I wear?

Life is short: RIDE!