Winter Ride Prep

I want to keep this blog going, but again and again, I have run out of ideas to write about. So today’s post is a short ramble about the unusually pleasant weather and …

… confining myself indoors with the Spouse, my brother, his wife, and the cat all week.

We don’t have a cat.

Anyway, while I love having my brother around and visiting family, when the weather is in the mid 50s (13C) and no rain in sight, a biker can’t help but stare at his Harley in the back of the garage and sigh.

We’ve also not had any appreciable snow, so the roads remain clear and free of cinders, sand, and salt. Even dry roads in winter with that crap on it is bad to ride on because it gets on the bike and is darn hard to clean off, especially the undersides.

I guess I have been sighing frequently and louder these last few days, because all 3 of the humans who know and love me in this house collectively said, “GO RIDE YOUR BIKE!”

I cleared the calendar for today, and found some buddies who are going for a ride. I look forward to booting up and joining them. I don’t know where they plan to go or for how long. I will “ride my own ride” and if they may be going too fast or ride too far, I’ll peel off and come home. But I’ll still be able to get out on my Harley which I really look forward to.

This morning, I will check my Harley carefully, including the tire pressure. Tires lose air pressure rather quickly in winter. I will go get gas, then …


Photos hopefully will follow in future blog posts.

Life is short: ride when you can!

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