2019 In Review–Part I

Here it is, 2020, the year I begin retirement. But before Spouse and I set sail for new adventures, here is a brief retrospective of 2019…

…January 2019 found me in the doldrums, enduring the monumental consequences of the Destroyer-In-Chief’s shutdown of the Federal Government. That fiasco put me in quite a bind, leading up to a major meeting that I was organizing at the end of the month when my Federal Government colleagues all had to pull out. What a nightmare.

…then on return from that meeting in San Diego, I developed a severe circulatory problem in my left leg that scared the bejeebers out of me. All due to stress.

…February and March 2019 were rather ho-hum with nothing special going on. Trips to Pittsburgh were frequent because my mother-in-law’s health was failing fast.

…April was also rather ho-hum, though two things warmed my heart: our sixth marriage anniversary and an early start to motorcycle riding season. We also went to Pittsburgh every weekend… the end was near.

…May found me traveling to Alaska for meetings. I truly enjoy visiting our nation’s largest state.

…My mother-in-law passed away in mid-May. Spouse and I spent five days in Pittsburgh for the funeral and beginning to get a handle on the house, its contents, and the estate.

…June was busy at work. I also had time to get out more on my Harley for riding fun.

Spouse and I spent another five days in Pittsburgh during June dealing with matters of my mother in-law’s estate and really got down to figuring out what to do with contents of the house. Coincidentally with that June trip to Pittsburgh, I was able to serve as a judge again for a police motorcycle riding competition held in downtown Pittsburgh. This even previously was held in Northern Virginia for years, but moved to Pittsburgh in 2019. Photos here.

Also, our first “real adult vacation” began 28 June with a trip to Toronto, Canada. Spouse and I went there to avoid the silliness of the Destroyer-In-Chief’s parade to himself in Washington, DC, and to celebrate Canada Day (1 July). We also went there to ride trams, and trams we rode… and rode… and rode. We saw a professional baseball game, delighted in some behind-the-scenes tours, and otherwise had a GREAT time!

Tune in to the next post on this blog for July to December. More monumental decisions were made that affected the course of the rest of my life!

Life is short: live life and love it.

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  1. I feel that I will be making some monumental decisions that will affect the rest of my life in this new year of 2020. Happy New Year BHD!

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