Browsers of This Blog

I am always curious about who visits this blog. I have a small snippet of software that collects information about visitors (in a general but not specific sense) and provides interesting information.

Before implementation of the European GDPR privacy law, I used to see data on what keywords people were searching and I used those findings to develop posts for this blog. After all, if I knew what information people were searching, I could write about topics searched if the topic fit this blog’s primary focus.

However, that information is no longer provided due to implementation of this privacy law. Even though it applies only to Europe, its effects span the globe.

So now I can see…

…what pages visitors are landing on, but not “who” or what they were searching. Besides the usual bots and automated visits that scan my blog for search engines, human visitors are all over the place. I guess if there were a trend, it would be that searches for reviews about cowboy boots, particularly certain brands, are the most visited pages, followed by information about cowboy boot fit, function, styles, and materials.

The trouble is — I can see what pages people land on, but I can’t really tell what they were looking for.

Another curious data element I found was the types of devices used by visitors. Usually one can tell a device from the type of browser used. So as of May 1 at noon, the last 15,000 page views of this blog were from these browser types:

  • Mobile Browsers – 6785 Page Views – 43.8%
  • Chrome – 3057 Page Views – 19.7%
  • Tablets – 1766 Page Views – 11.4%
  • Edge – 1342 Page Views – 8.7%
  • Safari – 653 Page Views – 4.2%
  • Internet Explorer – 631 Page Views – 4.1%
  • Firefox – 543 Page Views – 3.5%
  • All other — 223 Page Views – 1.5%

If you add general mobile browsers to the numbers using Safari, that shows about 50% of this blog’s visitors are using a smartphone. The rest are using tablets, laptops, and desktops (meeeeee….)

I learned that WordPress that powers this blog automatically adjusts the blog to make it viewable from whatever browser is used to visit it. That’s great — because I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to make my website as mobile-friendly as this blog. Mostly because:

  • I do not have a smartphone so I can’t check how my website pages appear
  • I do my own direct coding of the pages of my website, and my skills are stuck in the ’90s
  • I’m “frugal” and don’t want to pay someone else to make adjustments for me. After all, this is just a lil’ ol’ hobby.

Oh well, I’ll just pull on my boots and not fret over the blog or website stats.

Life is short: enjoy your visit, however you got here. (AND LET ME KNOW IDEAS TO WRITE ABOUT!)