Harley-Davidson Labeled Boots: Still Crap

I was sent an email that made my blood boil again. Subject: “Head-to-Toe Harley” in which the Motor Company was promoting a H-D labeled fitted shirt, overpriced black slim jeans, and “men’s Darrol boots.”

I blog (or rant) about this from time to time, but let me warn once more:

Just because a pair of boots carries the label of a famous U.S.-made product (Harley-Davidson motorcycles) does not mean their boots are made in the USA with quality craftsmanship.

I assume the Motor Company has heard this before, and perhaps learned a lesson from the settlement agreement with Justin Brands over Chippewa Boots “made in USA” claim, so now careful shoppers will see…

…more, but not quite complete, disclosure about their boots that carry their famous name.

Here is an example of the disclosure statement. Read it carefully:In this disclosure, you should note:

  • Built for the ride: no
  • Waterproof: no
  • Abrasion resistant: no
  • Oil resistant: no
  • Slip resistant: no
  • Manufacturer: manufactured by Wolverine Worldwide, Inc.

They even disclose further information in the description:

The brown leather motorcycle boots are perfect for kicking back off the bike.

WTF? Why call them “motorcycle boots” when the company selling them clearly states that they are not designed to be worn while riding a motorcycle? Why would a guy go to hang out with fellow bikers wearing poser boots like this and not ride his motorcycle to get there? Sheesh… what marketing poppycock.

More about where these boots are made is not fully disclosed, as follows:Caveat emptor! Whenever they will not say where a product like these boots were made, you can bet that they are made in China under contract by a U.S.-based company. Go ahead — look up “Wolverine Worldwide, Inc.” and you will see what I mean.

Suffice it to say, guys who like to be “billboards for a brand” do not have … well, I will refrain from being insulting. Just know that the Latin phrase that I used above, caveat emptor means, “let the buyer beware.” Read and think before you buy. (Just look at the cheap sole of this so-called ‘motorcycle’ boot!)

As for me, certainly I would not wear “poser boots” while operating a motorcycle. That’s just nuts. I wear well-constructed motorcycle boots designed for riding, with a full oil-resistant sole, height to protect the ankle, sturdy construction, welted sole (so it can be repaired or replaced), and not just because the boots have a famous name label on them. That marketing ploy fools a lot of people, but not me (and not readers of this blog!)

Life is short: get educated about motorcycle boots and wear appropriate boots built for wear when operating a motorcycle when riding.

2 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson Labeled Boots: Still Crap

  1. I mean, I like HD boots myself, aesthetically speaking. I don’t really ride a motorcycle myself and I got around 70 pairs that I rotate around constantly, so durability is not a big concern for me. Of course, I never pay premium for them. I mostly look for them used on eBay and such!

    • Thanks for your comment. I also like the appearance (aesthetics) of some H-D labeled boots; however, I really don’t like how they market their boots not designed for motorcycling as a “motorcycle boot.” I appreciate the reminder that not everyone who likes those kind of boots ride a motorcycle.

      I’m still not a fan of crap made in China and a well-known U.S. company hides where the boots are made. They take advantage of people who don’t realize that they outsource boot manufacture and profit greatly from that.

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