Sleepless in Pittsburgh

Sad, sad situation… but the mother-in-law is really bad off. Spouse and I had what will be our last visit with her this weekend. Her health has declined to the point where the doctor and hospice nurses say…

…she has less than a few months to live.

She cries all the time. She won’t eat much. She can’t walk without physical assistance, and that is only from her bed to a chair to a bedside commode.

But what’s worse is that at night, she screams in dementia-driven delirium. It is impossible to sleep. In fact, it was so bad on Saturday night, I slept in our Jeep so I could be awake “enough” to drive home safely on Sunday.

Sad, sad, sad visit. But we will remember the good times, and not this last visit. Though I am glad my Spouse had some private time to say his goodbyes.

Life is short: sometimes, not ending quietly.

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