Serious and Silly Email

One may think that I receive a large number of messages via this blog and my website, but I really don’t get more than 2 – 3 per week (other than stupid spam, that despite recaptcha, still gets through. I delete all of those.)

Most of the messages I receive are interesting and are serious questions from someone; a few, like one I received this morning, are silly. That one …

…reads, ” Hi I would like to get arrested by you and punished let me know if your interested.”

Yeah, silly. I do not even respond to those types of things. I used to, but found that responding with a reply such as “I am a happily married man. What part of ‘I do not meet other men’ do you not understand?’…” do not serve any purpose but annoy someone, and waste my time. So I trash these, also. I realize though that messages like that come with the territory of having a website like I have.

But as I said, I also receive some interesting, serious questions, such as from a young man in Australia who recently wrote to inquire–

I was just wondering if there is a specialised website to get hankies in the colours of things I am into? And also, does left/right as shown on your site apply to Australia as well? I was chatting online to someone and he said it is right side for him because that is the side of the road he drives on. We drive on left, so are Aussie tops supposed to wear their gear on the left?

That was intriguing.

My reply–

I appreciate what you are asking; however, in all honesty, these days, leather or hankies of various colours is not regarded along the lines of the old Canonical Hanky Code. Until I received your message, I had never heard that gear or hankies worn on the same side of the street on which drivers follow in a country is reversed in another country where the driving is on the other side of the road.

Regarding where to find colored hankies, I suggest that you expand the search by using the term “bandana.” There are a lot of motorcycle-related colorful head gear that some guys wear as bandanas that can double as a hanky. No one will know the difference.

So there you know… interesting question and a method to find what the reader is interested in.

For me, I wear “bandana top” — that means, a bandana on my head. It keeps sweat from staining or ruining the inside of my motorcycle helmet. (giggle)

Life is short: message management is a virtue.

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  1. I wear boots all the time, have Wesco engineers 20″ & 34″. Wear them while riding, and daily use. The big boss 34s replace my chaps. Also have 20″ Wesco harness, but I wear them for protection, not for a look! Yes the big boss create looks and questions. But I agree with you, they’re not for walking. My daily work boots are loggers. Well, thanks for all your information, I learned a lot. Ride safe and always in boots!!!


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