Selfie Cop Boot Pic

While I was hunting for something to write about on this blog, I did a random internet search using keywords such as “cop boots” or “dehner boots” or “dress dehners”… and I was not surprised to discover that the vast majority of images that come up on the internet search “images” tab were those that I have taken and posted on this blog or my cop galleries that (currently) has more than 2,000 photos of U.S. motorcops and their boots.

What amused me was finding this…

…someone noted, “A hidden self-protrait on the chrome cover…” on the photo below (reproduced below with permission of the owner). After all, I am the owner of this photo taken in October, 2008, and the man whose “selfie” shows in the motorcycle’s chrome cover. In all these years, I had not noticed that until now.
Life is short: see yourself again differently!