Riding in Loggers

The weather where I live sure has been fickle, but in a good way. Once again last Sunday, the forecast was for the weather to be in the mid-50s (12.5C). With all the crap going on in Washington bloviating from the Liar-In-Chief, I really needed to get out for a head-clearing ride.

So I contacted buddies from my former riding club, and they invited me…

…to join them on a planned breakfast ride.

Sunday morning by 0900, it was still quite chilly — mid 40s (7C). For some die-hards, that is almost tropical, but not for me.

Since I do not have heated gear (because I really do not ride when it is cold; sorry, but at my age, riding in the cold is not something I enjoy), I riffled through my motorcycle gear and selected this gear to keep me warm:

* Sliders thick denim jeans. These jeans are warmer than leather.

* Fox Creek beltless chaps. These are new to my riding gear, and I am still getting used to them. These chaps are warm and flexible, which I like, but are still a pain-in-the-ass to get on.

* Padded Langlitz Columbia Jacket. This is the thickest, heaviest, and warmest jacket that I have. This thing weighs 15 pounds (6.8kg). But as I continue to break it in, the arms are moveable enough so I can operate the controls on my Harley and adjust the closure on my helmet. (At first, this jacket was so stiff, I could not do that.)

* Chippewa logger boots. Huh? Why, you ask, did I wear loggers since I have so many motorcycle boots including a new pair of Chip Firefighters that I want to break in?

Well… one thing that I really do not like about riding in cold weather is having cold feet. When my feet get cold, the rest of my body feels cold. I know it is not a direct connection, probably mostly psychological, but anyway, I hate cold feet when I ride.

The warmest insulated boots with lug soles (for good traction) that I have are Chippewa loggers.

Why the tan ones when I also have black loggers?

When I checked the black loggers, I saw that they had crap (mud, dirt, rocks, small children) embedded in the lugs. Apparently, I didn’t hose them off after I wore them last. Woops. The lugs on the tan loggers were clean.

Since I was going to make breakfast for The Spouse before I took off and wanted to be completely dressed, I chose the boots with the soles that wouldn’t drop shit all over the floor. (Plus, I couldn’t remember whose small children were stuck in those lugs, and I didn’t have enough time to scrape them out and return them to their parents.)

Laced these loggers on, and they were great. Warm, cozy, and comfy. In fact, I had forgotten how comfortable these boots are. I will wear them more often!

With a kiss goodbye and wishes for a fun and safe ride by the Spouse, I rolled out the Harley, checked the tire pressure (okay), quick T-CLOCS (all okay), and took off. Met my buddies, rode for a while, had breakfast, and rode some more.

Great day to get out, clear the head, and (slightly) relieve the stress caused by the embarrassing pathological liar who is damaging our country more and more each and every day.

(BTW, what’s missing in this photo are warm gloves that I was wearing whilst riding.)

Life is short: ride to relieve stress and (try to) forget the bloviating Liar-In-Chief.