Pleasant Boot Surprise

Yesterday, the FedEx guy showed up with a box. Spouse took the package, rolled his eyes, and called out, “did you buy another pair of boots?”

Who me?

No, this time I didn’t. But imagine the surprise when I opened the box and read a letter enclosed with it that said,

…”since you are a past national champion, … (company) is proud to present its newest … boots to you. Enjoy them on your next jump.”

Man, a zillion years ago when I was very active in the sport of skydiving, I wore these boots regularly.

But as technology improved and time marched on, I found other boots to be more comfortable for long days of pounding wear when skydiving. Plus, at my age, skydiving is much less frequent, and done even more safely than ever before, because even a minor trip or tumble could end up with broken bones rather that just a bruise.

I laced them up, tried them on, then spent a couple hours regaling skydiving stories to the Spouse.

And who knows… when warmer weather aloft returns, I just may connect with some buddies and go skydiving again… try these boots out. We’ll see.

Life is short: enjoy the perks of lifetime achievements.

1 thought on “Pleasant Boot Surprise

  1. BHD,

    Congratulations on your unexpected good luck and gift! Those are handsome boots. I hope they bring you much more good luck and good fun. This was the type of boot I first noticed when I became ‘boot aware’……way back when. May you enjoy them.

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