The Voice of Reason

As a life-long Bootman — that is, a guy who has worn boots during his entire life (well, since I was 10)… and with a boot collection in the hundreds, I cannot help but see some boots on other men’s feet (such as on cops at a recent police motorcycle riding competition), or in ads and other media and think, “man, cool boots… what about getting a pair?”

Then the Voice of Reason resonates. He says,…

How many boots do you own? How many do you actually wear? Are these new boots that different from what you already have? Aren’t you building up toward retirement and isn’t spending money on boots (similar or identical to what you already own) a waste? Didn’t you say not that long ago that you wanted to “cull the herd?”

Okay, okay, Mr. VOR, you’re right.

But a life-long Bootman can have some fun dreams, right? After all, I’m not dead (yet.)

But no, I really don’t need another new pair of Dehner patrol boots, even though the soles are interesting. Price quote on these boots is over US$750, and they’re not even custom.

And that new style of Lucchese “Barn Boots” that might work well on a motorcycle because they have a rubber sole and are mud-resistant? Well, upon further investigation, these boots are “imported” from somewhere. On-line reviews were mixed.

But the information that struck me most — against — is that the soles are glued on, not stitched. Glued soles do not last, develop gaps that let water in, and otherwise degrade quickly. It is not possible to have boots with glued soles resoled by a cobbler.

What triggered me to do that research? The low price. When boots are priced in a range lower than average MSRP, that causes my “spidey-senses” to be activated and I dive in to find out more information to make an informed decision.

I realize that most guys who buy boots like that do not do that level of research or do not know how, and they make a purchase that they end up regretting later as a poor investment (that is, waste of money.) I guess that’s why I keep blogging — to share what I have learned about boots, their manufacture, quality, and value, with others.

Oh well, Bootmen can dream too, while preparing for his retirement from full-time work (not quite now, but within sight.)

Life is short: listen to your Voice of Reason.

2 thoughts on “The Voice of Reason

  1. As a reader I understand how you feel about buying boots. You have a good job and can afford them so why not pamper yourself with new boots. Maybe later on you can no longer afford them but that is later. I read this blog just to see your boots and admire them. I can longer wear boots mainly which were cowboy but enjoy seeing yours. I also admire you as a person.

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