One Never Knows

One never knows his influence. I have a dear friend who I have known since college. I introduced her to the man she married while we were involved in a student organization that I led. I have enjoyed and loved our friendship for so many years, but never really gave a thought to how I was observed, until this…

…message from my friend appeared in my email the other day:

You popped into my mind this evening, and I realized that I haven’t really communicated with you since last January. You were at our July party, but that one is so hectic for me that it’s almost impossible to talk to all the people I’ve been looking forward to seeing.

Anyway, what I was thinking this evening is what a big influence on me you have been, even though I don’t see nearly enough of you. Your examples of kindness in your community and especially with your mother-in-law, your tenderness in your relationship with [your husband], and your honesty and thoughtfulness in how you let the world see those things… plus your courage and willingness to stretch and try and experience all kinds of things… your patience and forbearance with the trials and ignorance and ingratitude that come your way… your persistence in researching and solving the puzzles of [your husband’s] health issues, and your stalwart determination to get him/give him the best possible care… you are a huge inspiration to me.

I hope life is treating you right these days. I hope you are feeling well, and getting enough rest, and know that you are appreciated and loved. I hope you are taking a little time for yourself, and finding joy in all the places where it lurks.

Wow, just wow.

One never knows. How to respond?

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.

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