Why Bother to Vote?

Here in the USA, what is called the “mid-term” elections are upon us. In many states, including my own, registered voters can vote early, before the official election day of Tuesday, November 6.

But in this day and age where there is no leadership at the top, only vile tweetstorms from a thin-skinned egomaniac prone to temper-tantrums, why bother to vote? I have been asked that question dozens of times. And my answers have been…

…because we will have more of this unless we step up and take action to elect sane, rational, true leaders to positions of representative office. It really is that simple, as well as that complicated.

I admit, some times I have to hold my nose when marking my ballot in certain races when deciding between the lesser of two evils. Man, if there were only a way to combine the good qualities of two candidates and discard the bad qualities — elected representatives would be much better.

I am fortunate to live in a state that does all it can to allow as many qualified people to vote, including allowing same-day voter registration, rather than some other states that imposed “voter ID” laws that have the chilling effect of suppressing votes from low-income, non-white, mostly Democratic voters.

Those voter-ID law imposers have said that they are “protecting the integrity of the vote” by not allowing people “without documentation” (implying non-citizens) to vote. Yet, there have been less than a handful of actual cases of voter fraud.

In my home state, votes for Congress are not going to make a difference. However, we have a much more interesting race at the county level with a three-way contest among a Democrat who just squeaked by in the primary, an “unaffiliated” former Democrat who hates the guy who won the Democratic primary so much that she qualified herself to run as an independent. Then we also have a Republican who has run for office — and lost — in a dozen local elections. He’s a gadfly screwball, but has run a serious and respectable campaign.

As I have escorted 50 people, including The Spouse, to early voting centers this past weekend, we have discussed the local races and shared our mutual disgust for the DIC (aka President Tweetstorm). And by the time early voting ends this coming Thursday, I will have brought another 50 people (more or less) to vote.

Every vote counts, especially in tight races.

As my Momma said, “you can’t complain unless you vote.” So vote. It’s our civic duty as well as a right that some in other countries of the world share as freely as we do. (I just wish I could steal Justin from up North…)

BTW… do not write in my name on the ballot. I do not qualify as a write-in candidate. By some odd twist, I got 43 write-in votes in the primary election, but I have no intention to serve in public office again. Ever. One four-year term (long long ago) was more than enough!

Life is short: VOTE!

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2 thoughts on “Why Bother to Vote?

  1. Sorry dude! You’re too late in disavowing your political destiny. I’m already in the process of forming an exploratory committee based here in New York for your 2020 Presidential campaign. You would be so much better a person, policymaker and chief executive than he who we have now. And you ride a Harley and have exquisite taste in footwear to boot. (See what I did there?)

    “B.H.D. to Victory!” “B.H.D. to Victory!” “B.H.D. to Victory!” “B.H.D. to Victory!”
    (Yeah, that’s the ticket.)

    Seriously, I hope all is well, or at least better, with you and hubby. Take care.

    • Thank you, oh loyal long-term follower.

      What was said on March 31, 1968, remains the same today and in the future, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for a[nother] term as your president.”

      Why? I promised my momma that I wouldn’t run for office. She would haunt me for the rest of my life.

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