Boots of Summer

Just when I thought that hot weather was abating somewhat, and after a July of 26 inches (66cm) of rain (not a record, but close to it), the heat and humidity that the DC area is known for has returned.

So what boots am I wearing in this heat, while most men are wearing shorts and those stinkin’ awful flip-flops?

1. My #1 boot choice for boots to wear whilst riding my Harley remain Chippewa Firefighters. Man, they are THE most comfortable, rugged, durable, good-looking and versatile boots around.

These boots go from the Harley to walking with senior pals as we shop for groceries to escorting The Spouse to doctor’s appointments and labs (still 2 to 3 times/week) comfortably.

And… they don’t get hot on my feet. As close-fitting as they are, and with no holes or other ventilation, I really do not understand quite why they don’t get hot and remain so comfortable, but they don’t and they are (respectively.)

2. My #1 boot choice for boots to wear to work with dress clothes (I am Acting Boss still and attend lots of meetings with management), I favor regular cowboy boots by Lucchese and Dan Post. I also still prefer and like exotic skin boots that are a little different and give me a rep for being a guy who makes his own choices and is not an office clone.

Why cowboy boots during summer motorcycle riding season? Didn’t you say that a guy should never wear dressy cowboy boots with smooth leather soles while operating a motorcycle?

Yes! However, I get into the office before dawn and commute in the dark. My commute is in my truck, not the Harley, because I do not ride in the dark (morning or evening) any more. That was a promise I made to The Spouse after my crash in 2016 when I went down while riding in the dark when people can not see as well and I do not see as well either. So cowboy boots to the office in summer work.

Fortunately, the dress code in the summer — even for us management dudes — is more relaxed. No jacket, seldom a tie. Dress slacks are lightweight and comfortable. So the only potential discomfort is a long-sleeve collared shirt, but I am in air conditioned places mostly, so the long-sleeves don’t bother me.

I forgot to mention — I do not walk outside for lunch. I am not one of those guys who “goes for lunch” and pays so much money that quickly drains the wallet. I still pack my lunch and arrange “lunch with a scientist” to meet people I don’t know (yet) at my agency to learn more about what they do and their science. After all, I am still a science-nerd and the opportunity to meet and learn from world-renowned and published scientists is something I truly cherish about where I work.

3. Then when I am not at the office or riding my Harley, I choose a variety of other boots that are comfortable (first), cool (tie for first), and are suitable for the activity-of-the-moment. As I have always said, “choose the right boot for the right application.”

I still maintain my house and the rental properties that I own, mow my own lawn (thank you), and do some minor construction and repairs for friends and neighbors. Therefore, my boot choices here are work boots, usually of the tactical variety in the hot summer months, and logger variety when it is cooler.

When not doing physical labor, I may choose comfortable ‘knock-around’ boots that need some wear. I still give my boots the active wear they were purchased for.

4. I admit — when snuggled with The Spouse in our basement leisure room after dinner, I frequently am not booted. Comfy socks rule! You will never see stupid flip-flops in my house or anywhere near my feet (that is, unless I am speaking with cousins and standing near them… sigh… they still wear those dorky unsightly awful things.)

So, what are your boots of summer?

Life is short: wear boots!

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  1. I just wear any of my currently active 20 pairs (out of 60)! All my boots are all year long appropriate!

  2. Hey!!!! A normal boot post. So good to see. And those black and white snakes are hot!!!!!!!!

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