Busy Boots This Weekend

The challenge of working full-time M-F is that I have to cram in all of my personal chores and volunteer activities into two short weekend days. This past weekend was no exception. Here is a glimpse into my packed life…

Friday evening: usual dinner with the family. Only about 35 of my relatives were able to be there. I love ’em all. Had fun playing with the kiddos (aka “the greats”), catching up with a niece I had not seen in a year while she had been away, and enjoying the special meal that my sister — the host — prepared for me. While others dined on culinary creations of vegetables and raw fish (sushi), I enjoyed chicken and a baked potato. Boots? Dan Post ostrich. Look great with dark blue denim jeans.

Saturday 0400: woke and dressed in comfy sweats. Wrote an article that will be published in a professional association newsletter in May. Boots? hmmm… does barefoot count?

Saturday 0545: changed to t-shirt & jeans, Chippewa hikers and walked to meet my walking partner. We took a 5-mile stroll together, then I walked back home. Showered and jumped into bed with the Spouse for a little snuggle time.

Saturday 0800: warm already today! (70F (21C), going up to 85F (29C)!). Dressed in a fresh t-shirt, tan cargo pants and Chippewa Arroyos cowboy boots with Vibram 430 soles, I prepared the usual 5-flour waffles for The Spouse. I had a scrambled egg, toast, and OJ.

Saturday 0845: drama on email. Lots of drama.

Saturday 0915: got my Harley out and inspected it. Air pressure perfect, all other systems go! Donned my lightweight white Rev’IT textile jacket, gloves, and hopped on the bike and rode to my ENT’s office for my six-month cleaning. (Seriously…) He complimented the jacket for its safety design. I like it not only for that, but it’s also comfortable even in warm weather.

Saturday 1030: doctor’s visit completed. Rode the Harley to an open house at a motorcycle dealership where I volunteered for my motorcycle club. Interesting to view the people who were there who varied from just regular bikers like me to posers to 1-percenters to strange dudes (and dudettes). All make up the wide and varied motorcycle community. Good thing was that most of the men all wore boots. Just a few kids wearing sneakers rode up on bikes. (But when a guy came in wearing flip-flops, I had to ask, “you aren’t on a motorcycle, are you?” Fortunately, he was not. Whew!)

Saturday 1300: volunteer shift ended. Joined some buddies for an impromptu ride on a gloriously warm and sunny day. We rode about 40 miles before I had to peel off to get back home.

Saturday 1445: arrived home. Cleaned off the Harley and put it away. Checked in with The Spouse who was watching our local baseball team’s game on television. I removed my boots and cleaned the road crud off with a damp towel. Took 10 minutes to mix meat, season it, and form patties that I individually wrapped to chill in the fridge. (This method makes for the juiciest burgers!) I changed to work-jeans, work t-shirt, and Timberland work boots. Changed the blade on my lawn mower and mowed the lawn. Lookin’ good!

Saturday 1600: continued to do some other outdoor chores and cleanup. By 1630, I was done. Put the tools and equipment away. Returned inside for a quick shower.

Saturday 1630: more email drama with two organizations in which I am heavily engaged as a leader. What am I wearing? Sweats. Boots? woops… there I go again… padding around in socks.

Saturday 1730: pulled on the jeans again and Boulet harness boots and grilled burgers for dinner. Side salad, mashed potatoes, and even green beans. Yum!

Saturday 1900: cleaned up after dinner. Dealt with more email drama with these organizations I belong to. Drama never ends.

Saturday 1930: sat down to watch a DVD movie with The Spouse. How was I dressed? Sweats, socks, t-shirt. Movie was awful so we ejected it and watched programs that The Spouse had recorded on our DVR. I cuddled up next to The Spouse and by 2030, I was asleep in his arms. He let me sleep for a little while until I made his arm go to sleep. Then he woke me and gently guided me to bed. 5 seconds later, I was out cold.

Sunday 0400: rise and shine! Yay for another day! Dealt with more email drama for a little while, but spent some quality time organizing the Spring Senior Safety Saturday event that I have led for decades. That’s coming up soon! Dress? t-shirt, sweats, and socks.

Sunday 0600: changed to t-shirt, jeans, and hikers again. Met my friend for another brisk walk. However, the weather had changed significantly! It was chilly — so we walked even more briskly! Another 5 miles and was home by 0745. Showered, then jumped into bed with The Spouse for some snuggle time.

Sunday 0830: Dressed in denim jeans, t-shirt, and firefighters. We had a later breakfast that usual. We lingered and just talked about anything, everything, all things. I love how The Spouse listens. He is so smart — I enjoy our intelligent and thoughtful exchanges.

Sunday 0945: First of two trips with LOLITS to the grocery store! Spouse went with me on Trip #1. My friends and I are all stocked up.

Sunday 1200: back home… prepared a light lunch for The Spouse and myself. Ate quickly.

Sunday 1230: drove my truck to the local fire house for a brief meeting about Senior Safety Saturday. (Why the truck? It was raining!)

Sunday 1400: back home, prepared for a meeting of our homeowners association at the next door neighbor’s house. Set up the self-timing oven to start cooking our dinner of roast chicken while I was going to be away. Changed boots to Justin Keaton cowboy boots because the sidewalks were wet, those boots have rubber soles, and they look good with jeans. Got elected on a write-in vote to serve as President while we get through a challenging year ahead to negotiate a property transfer. Oh joy (not).

Sunday 1600: returned home… Spouse was watching another baseball game. I changed to sweats, socks, and a fresh t-shirt. Peeled and cut potatoes and carrots and put them in the roasting bag with the chicken in the oven. Updated the HOA website with the names of the new officers. Also dealt with more email drama. Sheesh; this will never end.

Sunday 1700: roast chicken pulled from the oven. Served our Sunday meal. Comfort food!

Sunday 1745: while The Spouse was on the phone with his mother, I cleaned up. Then alas I got on email again. This intraorganization drama won’t cease!

Sunday 1830: now in the basement with The Spouse. We tried watching DVD movie #2 which was also a dud. We ended up watching a Hallmark movie while I completed some writing and polishing of an article. Once again, by about 2030, I was fast asleep in the arms of my man who gently guided me to bed. G’nite all!

Life is short: lead a busy life and have fun while wearing boots always (when outdoors, anyway!)