Traveling With Leather Gear

A number of years ago, I wrote a guide for my website titled, “Air Travel With Leather Gear.” This tutorial has been widely circulated and linked from a number of other websites for its practical advice.

Recently, a guy wrote to me and said,…

Just a quick update on my recent trip where I wanted to bring leather gear with me on a flight. Things went great, no problem with TSA.

I bought a lot of new leather. Per your suggestion (website) I wore my heaviest leathers home which kept me warm upon arrival at [my home airport in the cold Northeast]. I shipped all my other gear home via UPS 3 day ground, $90.00 bucks. But worth every penny!

I must tell you that your website was extremely helpful and your suggestions worked perfectly.

I appreciate the feedback and I am glad to know that my advice was helpful. It comes from having flown more than 2,000,000 miles of (mostly) domestic flights.

The second-largest annual gathering of the Leather Clan (USA) is coming up this weekend in Washington, DC. As you may be heading out to attend “MAL” and if you may be flying to the DC area, remember and heed these key points:

  • Wear your heaviest leather gear (jacket, pants) on the plane; don’t pack it
  • Carry valuable items like a Muir Cap with you in your carry-on
  • Run any gear with metal (such as a jacket, belt, armbands, or hat) through the usual x-ray in a carry-on. TSA will not be a problem, though they may open your bag and check it.
  • Wear boots that you can easily remove prior to going through security. This applies even if you have “TSA pre-check.” Sometimes big boots trigger that x-ray, and TSA will make you remove them and run them through the x-ray. Don’t be a cause of major delay!
  • Leave drugs, including poppers and pot, at home. Don’t kid yourself that you can hide it in a smelly sock. Doesn’t work.
  • Remember that “less is more.” You really don’t have to bring every leather item you own. Plus, this will give you an “excuse” to do some leather shopping. (wink).

The weather forecast is “seasonable” for DC this weekend. Perhaps a little rain, but temperatures will be perfect for wearing leather about town.

Enjoy! (BTW, I am not going to MAL. Been there, done that, got a lot of t-shirts!)

Life is short: travel with leather well!