Busy Boots

Loyal readers, I am busier than ever; three meetings each night after work this week (all attended in leather jeans by-the-way), as well as reaching a “zenith of busy” at work. January is a busy-busy month. I cannot say exactly why, but trust me, I barely have time to change boots. It’s so busy-bad that my boots…

…only get worn for two long durations each day: once wearing a pair to work all day, and change when I get home to more comfortable, casual leathers, and then another pair of boots to go with the casual duds as I attend meetings and engage with my community.

Today, Saturday, my boots and gear will do something quite rare: drive into Washington, DC. I have not driven into the city in over two years. It is an awful hassle.

I will pick up a friend and take him and his partner to visit a very interesting museum out in the hitherlands of Virginia. We will “geek out” on the displays. Then I’ll take him back to his hotel and return home.

My friend is in town for Mid-Atlantic Leather. But as I said in my previous post, I will not be going to that or any events related to it.

Spouse is not well and I have arranged for a sister to look after him while I am away today, then upon my return, I will get back to my usual caregiving duties and

Life is short: show the man I love how I love him.

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