Busy Boots

My boots are busy this week. Not only do I have an enormous amount of catch-up to do at work after being forced off-line last week while on business travel, in just two days the Spouse and I will be inundated by…

…our neighbors and family gathering for our umteenth annual “no senior is alone on Thanksgiving Feastival.”

This is the only time of the year that we entertain guests in our home. Over four three-hour shifts, seniors and neighbors bring a dish for four and join us for the biggest “pot luck Thanksgiving” there is here in sprawlin’ suburbia.

I “only” roast four turkeys. My visitors bring everything else.

The turkeys waddled up to our house yesterday. Amazing how they arrived already plucked and dressed, ready for cooking. I have a great friend who owns a farm and brings me four fresh, large turkeys. I can’t stand the thought of doing what needs to be done to prepare them for cooking, so my friend’s wife does that for me.

Spouse has been cleaning the house like mad. We moved most of our regular food out of our fridge into the next-door neighbor’s fridge. That neighbor is away for Thanksgiving and lets us use their fridge and borrow chairs while we keep an eye on their house while they are away.

I have explained this event for years now. Details about past events are here:

Booted this week mostly in work boots while cleaning and preparing for visitors. I have to work today, but will be off work tomorrow and the rest of the week. I will be booted in dressy cowboy boots for our big event.

I really look forward to this event, as do some of my sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews who help orchestrate the controlled chaos. The Spouse is also anticipating — reluctantly — but very supportive of what he knows means the world to me.

If (when) he tuckers out from the stress of “all those people,” he can go next door to our neighbor’s house for some peace.

Meanwhile, all week I have been fending off requests from politicians running for local elected office who want to “drop by” — and campaign. This is a “no photo op” event.

Life is short: Let the Feastival begin!

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