Happy Thanksgiving!

Busy, busy, busy today! I have been up and at-em since 4am, preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Holiday senior’s pot-lock bash. Throughout the day, we anticipate seeing about 100 guests, 10 or so family members, some senior elected officials, and who knows what else…


  • Turkeys: two cooked and sliced yesterday, two in the oven today, so we get that fresh roasted turkey aroma throughout the day.
  • Trimmings: guests bring all the side dishes and desserts. I’m certain we will have more than ample.
  • Drinks: all day yesterday, I visited senior pals who were donating soft drinks, beer, and wine, so I could get them home and on ice to chill. (My fridge is beyond full; I am using two neighbors’ refrigerators as well as four humongous ice chests.)
  • Plates and utensils: a few of my senior pals do not cook, so they donated plastic forks, knives, and spoons, as well as paper products — durable paper plates, napkins, and paper towels. One also donated a ton of trash bags, which we will definitely find useful!
  • Decorating: my partner has done a great job clearing space for guests, and placing some gift flower arrangements that have been sent to us in various places around the house. He also has placed nice table cloths on our dining room and kitchen tables, and even our two kitchen islands where drinks are served.
  • Chairs and tables: two nice neighbors have lent me additional folding chairs, TV trays, and card tables. My partner and I moved some of our regular furniture (coffee and end tables) out of the way to open up the space for guests to circulate and provide more room for seated eating.
  • Guest attendants: Two sisters, one brother, four nieces, two nephews, and probably a partridge in a pear tree or two will be helping out all day. Bless my family; I know not what I would do without their steadfast support.
  • guests: I have confirmed that three high-level elected officials will drop by to share cheer, but not engage in politicking for votes.
  • Transportation: while there is probably enough parking near our house (or on our driveway and two neighbors’ driveways), we arrange for most of our guests to be picked up and driven back home. Why? Because we learned that if we do not tell them that their ride is leaving, they are reluctant to leave, which can make for an exceptionally crowded afternoon. Four of my senior pals are doing two shifts of “driving duty” to help resolve this situation.
  • Ramps and hand-rails: A few years ago, I built a special ramp that goes from my front door to our driveway, with handrails. It makes it so much easier for seniors who have physical disabilities to join us. My partner and I installed it yesterday and assured that it is firm and stable.
  • Wrapping machine: I learned that guests bring much too much food, and there is no way we can eat all the leftovers. So when one of our local grocery stores went out of business, I bought a machine that wraps plates with food wrap. One of my family elves will pile food on a plate for each guest before he/she leaves, wrap it up, place a bow on it, and give it to our guest to take home. Best of both worlds — our guests get more home-cooked food to enjoy for the next few days, and we do not end up with food that would spoil.
  • Tranquilizer for the partner: ‘nuf said. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving! Check back tomorrow to see how we survived!

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