The Big Day

Today is the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday… Yay! Spouse and I are just about ready to…

…welcome about 100 guests into our home for our potluck annual Thanksgiving Feastival.

I roasted two turkeys yesterday, sliced them and packed the meat away in the fridge for overnight safekeeping. I admit, I nibbled more than “a little bit” yesterday. The flavor of fresh turkey hot off the bird is incredible!

As of 0500 this morning, one more turkey is in the oven, and by 0800 one more will go into oven #2. There is nothing quite like the aroma of roasting turkey as one enters our house to join the celebration.

Spouse has set up the chairs, tables, and added the two extra leaves to the dining room table, expanding it to a full 18 feet (5.4m) where our guests’ contributions of foods will be placed. He also arranged quite a beautiful centerpiece that he made.

The period between 0600 and 1100 when the guests arrive is about the most difficult for me because I have nothing to do but wait! I am eager to get the party started!

But I need not worry. My sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews who will help out today arrive earlier. I can’t wait to see them and have some family time — and even include my elusive non-social spouse (he can’t escape!)

About 10:30, some of my family members will leave to drive to homes of our first round of guests to pick them up and transport them to our house. I learned a while ago that if we give them rides, then they will actually leave in time for our next round of guests to have room to celebrate. The one year I let them drive themselves, most did not leave on time, and my house exploded. (Well, let’s say it was too crowded and cramped. We don’t have a 20,000-square foot mansion!)

But for a few hours until all chaos breaks loose, I will sit with the Spouse and tell him how grateful I am for him. His love, affection, caring, enduring strength in the face of adversity — all of that. He is my rock and I am truly thankful to have him as my Forever Man.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them!

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