Preparing for Feastival 16

SwedishChefTurkey.jpgI have had the relaxed pleasure of having this entire week off from work — a gift (or award) to me for being selected for a top-honor employee award last month.

I am using my time off work to…

…prepare and clean the house in advance of our annual Thanksgiving “Feastival.”

My spouse and I have done this now for 16 years. We invite seniors who otherwise would be alone on Thanksgiving to our house for a “pot-luck” dinner. I have explained how and why we have done this event on my blog for several years, so I won’t repeat myself. (See this post from last year for details.)

So today, Tuesday, after I bring my spouse to the dentist, he will go with me to a farm that a friend owns to pick up four fresh turkeys. Thankfully, my friend will have dressed them, so I won’t have to.

My spouse and I will spend the remainder of the day doing housecleaning.

Then tomorrow, I will begin by roasting two of the turkeys and borrowing some folding chairs, TV trays, and other necessities from the neighbors to supplement what we have. Some of our visitors will drop off some other important supplies in advance, like disposable plates, cutlery, trash bags, and non-perishable items like wine, beer, and soft drinks.

Then… Thursday… put two more turkeys in the double oven and let the Feastival begin at 1100 and in four three-hour “shifts” following…

Life is short: enjoy sharing joy with your neighbors (on the only date when we ever have guests in our home.)

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