Day 5: Awesome Zion Nation Park

Day 5 — 30 July — of our crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure brought us through the east entry of Zion National Park, Utah. This was the last of the “Mighty Five” national parks of Utah on my bucket-list ride plan.

After a really screwy breakfast of Belgian wafflette crunch, we…

…rode our Harleys to the entry of the National Park. The visitor’s center is actually 12 miles deep along a twisty, curvy road with structures of Navajo sandstone dramatically towering above us on both sides, with a couple tunnels to add interest.

Before entering the park, I mounted my GoPro video camera on my helmet, and had it on most of the time. Unfortunately, the little tablet/laptop computer that I am using to write this blog while on this trip cannot process video, so you will have to wait to see the awesomeness of my view after I return home and have a chance to process and publish videos. (There will be many!)

This park restricts drive-through traffic. You have to park at the visitor’s center and ride a shuttle bus into the park. While the sign at the parking lot said that the lot was full, “S” found out after a conversation with a park ranger that there was dedicated motorcycle parking. We rode there, parked and locked up our rides, then stood in line for the free park shuttle bus.

Soon enough, we were on the bus and began a short tour. We had lunch in the park, then continued the bus ride, got off the bus at the end, took a lot of pictures, and rode the bus back to the visitor’s center after a couple hours.

Most of this park is set up for hiking — but we are motorcycle riders, not hikers. As “S” would say, “go ahead, I’ll wait here. You can tell me all about it when you get back.” Ha ha…

By about 1330, we were done. It was getting even more crowded and quite hot. We rode on to our night’s destination hotel. We saw monsoon clouds again, but they remained on the other side of the mountains and we did not get wet.

Monday 31 July, we will ride back some 250 miles to Salt Lake City and return our rental Harleys. “S” will overnight and fly back home on Tuesday. I will remain in Salt Lake City for work the rest of the week.

Life is short: cherish memories of the mightiest adventure ever on my bucket list.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about your trip. I know it was very exciting. I made the same trip a few years ago only in a SUV. Beautiful country.

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