Day 4: Bryce Canyon

28 July — day four of my crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure — dawned bright, dry, and clear. The temperature was quite comfortable. After a quick breakfast, “S” and I rode our Harleys to Bryce Canyon National Park. Wow! Clearly this park…

…lives up to its world-class reputation.

We rode through the park and viewed almost every “amphitheater” of limestone structures through to the end of the road, at 9,115 feet (2.778m) in elevation.

There we stopped, at our lunch (that we bought before entering the park), and then could see clouds gathering.

Oh crap! Monsoon is here again!

We put on our jackets, but decided to try to beat the rain out of the park. We almost did. Not quite as bad as the day before, but rain is rain and riding a rental Harley is worrisome enough on dry roads, much less wet roads.

We enjoyed this visit, but decided to press on early to our night’s destination on the southern border of the state. We got there with storm clouds threatening, but we were really pleased that the monsoon rains were dumping elsewhere.

I treated “S” to a steak dinner, to thank him for his gracious good will and patience. After dinner, we “sat a spell” on the veranda of our hotel, then called it a night early.

Day 5 will find us in Zion National Park, the last park planned for our adventure.

Life is short: ride to fulfill your life’s bucket list wish!

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