Day 2: 216 Miles of Sun

My crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah continues. We explored two National Parks on two wheels as the sun and desert heat increased, “S” and I…

…pressed on.

Our first park was Canyonlands. It is stark, reddish-brown, and a different world. The ride to the park was through some twisties, which we took at our own pace and speed.

By noon, we left that park and rode to Arches National Park. Our hopes to find lunch were unfounded, so we just drank more water and rode on. Again, twisty roads entering the park were interesting, but at our own pace, were enjoyable and fun.

This park is mostly a pile of sand — piled high in oddly-shaped rock formations, some of which form arches. Thus the name.

It got really hot there, as expected. We rode about 40 miles inside that park, then left by 1500.

We got gas in Moab, Utah, as well as a water and snack break.

Pressing on south to Monticello, where our quarters for the night – a real throw-back motel — was located. We had a nice dinner, then settled in for the night.

Friday, July 28 will find us on our longest ride planned for this adventure, through the Grand Staircase Escalante which is supposed to be a fantastic viewing experience on one of the world’s highest rated motorcycle roads, Utah’s Route 12.

Life is short: ride on!