Day 1: Crazy-Awesome Adventure Begins

Wednesday, 26 July, it began. Yep, what I have been preparing and training for, dreaming about,… the adventure of a lifetime.

My buddy “S” and I met at the Chicago airport, and were unhappy that our flight to Salt Lake City was delayed two hours. Nonetheless, we arrived and…

…dropped some stuff we did not need to bring with us with a colleague of mine, then made our way to the motorcycle rental place. We completed the paperwork, got a briefing on our respective Harleys (a brand new 2017 Milwaukee-Eight Road King for me, and a Street Glide for “S”), and began our ride at 1600, two hours later than I had hoped.

Traffic was heavy getting out of town and for another 30 miles south. But we finally got on a rural state highway that had little traffic (except tractor trailers). We stopped twice along the way to drink water and stretch. I have to admit that new stock Harley seats are horrible. My butt is really sore!

Anyway, 196 miles later, we made it safely to Southeast Utah, settled into our hotel, had a bite to eat, returned to the hotel, showered, then (at least I did)… crashed into bed with a giddy happy smile on my face.

Thursday will find us exploring two National Parks. Pictures to follow–provided I can convince “S” to stop at scenic overlooks. We missed a few on our first leg of this ride. But man, is it amazing here!

Life is short: ride to fulfill your bucket list!