Breaking News: BHD Declines to Buy Boots


23 June, 2017: Suburban Maryland, USA. Rumors began circulating last week that BHD, owner and operator of a website that displays more than 250 pairs of boots in his personal boot collection, was interested in acquiring another pair of boots.

These rumors were verified when BHD posted information about Embossy Boots on his website’s ‘boot wiki’ boot reviews.

There was nothing odd about those rumors, but what turned out to be exceptionally strange when verified through direct interview was…

…BHD confirmed that he declined to make a purchase. Yes, let it be known in this publication that BHD actually said “no” to purchasing a pair of boots.

When requested for more details about this stunning decision, at first, BHD was coy.

“I have enough boots, thanks.”

But assuredly, a boot fan like BHD can not have “enough” boots. How much is “enough” anyway?

BHD added, “At first when I stumbled onto these boots somewhere on the web, I was intrigued. The boots looked amazing. Being made in Spain with leathers sourced in Spain or Italy, I knew that these boots would be well-made and would be a great addition to my collection.”

When pressed if the rumor that he did not purchase the boots that caught his eye were true, BHD confessed, “I worked with the vendor for a week. The Embossy boots owner, Daniel, was very good about responding to questions, though with the six-hour time difference, communications were delayed. Daniel confirmed that the foot size was workable, but the calf circumference of the Embossy ‘Metal Biker’ boots were made for thin European guys. The calf of stock Embossy boots would be too narrow to fit.”

It was independently verified by this reporter that the Embossy boots website offers custom sizing.

BHD confirmed that. “Yes, Daniel said that he could make boots to my custom sizing requirement for a U.S. $100 upcharge. He also said that for a short time, he was offering a promotion of free shipping to the United States.

“I continued to correspond with Daniel to ask how to place an order for custom boots via his website. Daniel took a few days, but created a special page just to accommodate ordering custom-sized boots. But when I looked at it, there was no place on the website to enter custom sizing measurements.

“Also, there was a shipping fee shown on the website that amounted to 11% of the cost of the primary order. I wrote back and forth with Daniel who provided me a coupon code to get free shipping that did not work at first, but Daniel fixed it. Daniel also provided an Excel spreadsheet onto which I was instructed to enter my calf circumference requirement.

“I felt uncomfortable with that — sending an email with sizing separate from the transaction, but considering how small the company was, I thought Daniel could put the two together.”

I asked BHD the ultimate question during our interview, “so since the company owner answered your questions and the free shipping coupon worked, why didn’t you buy the boots?”

BHD admitted, “when I looked at the cost again and compared it with my budget for my summer great adventure motorcycle ride and other expenses anticipated this year, I started having second thoughts. But what made me stop was the failure of the on-line transaction.

“I appreciate that the Embossy Boots website offers double-layer security to conduct financial transactions securely. However, the website is too secure. The credit card was declined. I would have to go through more steps to verify the card and the transaction. I took this as a signal that perhaps I should NOT order those boots after all. I wrote back to Daniel and explained why I was not going to buy the boots after all.”

“Daniel replied with more information about credit card verification methods, but once I made my decision, that was it. I really do NOT need more boots, especially those that are almost identical to Chippewa ‘hi-shine’ 71418 boots that fit without having to be custom sized, and whose cost is 60% of the similar model from Embossy.

“Sure, I would like to have had a pair of boots that would be rare in my area and also very well-made. But seriously, where would I wear them other than for occasional rides on my Harley? I do not go out to leather bars or events. I am a suburb-dwelling, city-loathing, old married fart who isn’t a night-owl. Why get boots that are appropriate to wear to BLUF events when you don’t go out any more?”

I guess this reporter has heard the whole story. BHD confirms that he did not make a purchase of a new pair of boots for the BLUF environment. What’s next? No more new boots at all? Look for future editions of this publication to find out.

As BHD says, “Life is short: there comes a time in your life when tempering enthusiasm becomes reality.”