Caring for the One I Love Redux

I’m having trouble keeping up with email and tons of love shown on Facebook, so let me give a quick update: my partner’s initial diagnosis indicates a non-cancerous brain tumor. We meet with a neurosurgeon next week to determine next steps, which probably means surgery.

I am looking on the bright side: it’s not cancer, and he is not in pain. In fact, he asked for some of my famous homemade chicken soup for dinner — a recipe that one of our family’s favorite uncles was well-known for.

The hospital staff and physicians were very good to both of us. While we have legal paperwork in place so that I could formally advocate for him if I had to, we didn’t have to produce that. They treated me as his spouse and consulted with me that way.

More to come… but pardon me for a break, as I’m caring for the one I love. Each minute is precious.

Remember: life is short … show those you love that you love them.

1 thought on “Caring for the One I Love Redux

  1. You're also darned hard to reach by phone! Glad I finally caught up with you. I am sorry about the serious situation that is going on, and will be there with your partner and for you on this journey.

    On behalf of all of the family, we love you and your partner — very much, always, forever.


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