Sleek Beauty of Dehner Patrol Boots

dressstock1225The Dehner Boot Company of Omaha, Nebraska, has been making equestrian riding boots for over 130 years, and has been outfitting motorcycle police officers since the 1910s. Today is no different — many cops still wear Dehner boots. Unfortunately, those short tactical boots are making headway onto officers’ feet, but I still go back to “nothing like a Dehner.”

rp_Cops12.jpgWhen a cop shows up on a police motorcycle in full uniform, including breeches and Dehners, one can’t help…

…but stare and admire the sleek elegance of his Dehners. Us civilians can buy and wear them too. Guys who admire uniforms and BLUF wear often choose Dehners to complete the look (or may choose to wear them as a costume). As long as they don’t impersonate an officer, they can wear Dehners proudly (and get the admiring looks, too.)

Lately, I have been wearing my dress instep Dehner patrol boots with Vibram 100 lug soles on motorcycle rides. They look great, perform well, and even though some cops have said that they are “horse boots,” these boots continue to be worn by some very large motor patrol outfits. I see them often at police riding competitions (aka “police rodeos”) that I have attended.

So here are a few recent photos of my Dehners. Enjoy!dressstock1228dressstock1226dehnerharleyroadking95Life is short: admire sleek, elegant boots!