Autumn Riding Season Boot Choices

Ridefallcopyright2012Ahhh, the cooler days of autumn are upon us here in the Mid-Atlantic eastern United States. As I gear up for autumn motorcycle rides, do I choose different motorcycle boots from those that I wear during summer?

At first I was going to answer, “no, not really,” but then I got to thinking about it and looked at my motorcycle boot collection on line (which is the very reason why I built my website, so I know what I have) and decided, “yes, I DO choose to wear different motorcycle boots when I ride in cooler weather.

Ridepostblog01During summer, I wear lighter-weight, shorter motorcycle boots that are cooler on my feet. My favorites are Chippewa Firefighters and Chippewa Harness boots. I also own and wear many other lighter-weight, shorter boots for summer riding.

In the heat of summer, I usually will not wear tall patrol boots like Dehners or Chippewa Hi-Shines with breeches because at 90F (32C), they can feel awfully hot.

Rideblogpost2Also in the heat of summer, I do not wear Wesco boots. While Wesco boots are the most rugged and durable boots I own, the harness and “boss” (engineer style) are way too heavy and hot to lug around on my legs. Feels like anchors — and are exhausting to wear.

Now that it is autumn and cooler weather prevails, I am more likely to choose taller, warmer motorcycle boots. Especially those that fit well with breeches and leathers, or leather breeches (giggle.) I have quite a few choices for gear to wear with the boots on the Harley.

What boots? Besides tall patrol boots, when I am dressed down and riding with other biker-bikers, I also like to wear my good-old rugged and ragged engineer boots. And now I have tall Chip engineers in brown as well as the traditional black, or muddy well-worn dirty blackish-brown.

Dehnerlug01Also more likely in autumn’s cooler weather when roads may be a bit damp from morning dew or slow-to-evaporate rain, I more often choose “big lug” soled boots for the best traction on damp pavement, especially when “duck-walking” the bike into and out of a parking spot.

Ya know… then again, I still find myself wearing my favorite Chippewa firefighters all year through. Those boots are lined, and while they keep my feet dry, they do not get hot and are just darn comfortable boots for any-day wear. Since I drop by the firehouse where I am a Life Member at least twice a week, I choose my Firefighter boots especially on days when I ride the Harley to the Firehouse. Just goes together — boots that my firefighter brothers gave me when I was selected for the Life Member honor.

Ride05302015cousSo that is about it — yes, I do choose different boots during the cooler weather of autumn, which is my favorite season to ride. I have big plans to ride tomorrow with my close “kid-bro cousin,” and get some skydiving in while we’re at it. Can’t wait.

Life is short: ride your motorcycle well-booted!