No To Advertising Promo

More marketing partners for boot retailers are noticing this blog and my boot reviews on my website. I have been approached by some boot retailer marketing partners to request that I enter into an agreement with them whereby this blog and my website would…

…be used to provide “sponsored links” to blog and website visitors, essentially promoting through links to boot retailers, which is a form of marketing. You’ve seen those links and promo ads on many other free websites, I’m sure. Facebook and other social media websites are riddled with them. But that’s how they provide “free” content to users — by exposing them to ads. I get it; nothing is free.

The marketing agreements generally offer a per-click payment to me and also payment of a percentage of a sale directly attributable to a link from my web-based sites.

That kind of revenue is interesting to consider. And hosting costs for this blog and my website aren’t cheap, but won’t kill my piggybank, either.

Thinking about it, once again I said “thank you, but no thanks” to the marketing agreements that have been offered to me. I know how I feel about advertising in general and on websites in particular. I hate it. I do a lot of shenanigans to avoid it. I use Adblocker and other software snippets to reduce the clutter of advertising that I see on websites that I visit.

I thought, “if I dislike it so much, then why subject the visitors to this blog and my website with what I don’t like myself?” I honestly do not think that the revenue I may get would be worth aggravating my website and blog’s visitors.

Rest assured, this blog and my website will remain ad-free. If I like a vendor, I’ll say so in a review. If I don’t, I will say it also, such as about Shepler’s deceptive sales pricing schemes.

Life is short: make your websites friendly for visitors by reducing the clutter of advertising.

2 thoughts on “No To Advertising Promo

  1. Thank you so much for your consideration. I’m from India and have been reading your columns since the last two years. Your insights and in depth analysis regarding materials and such have allowed me to make some, IMO, reasonable decisions about purchasing my own boots. I normally don’t comment on anything that I read online but I’d like to say one of the reasons why I love your blog/website is because there are no advertisements. It tells me that you are on the up and up and not a mouthpiece for the corporate spin machines. So, thank you!

    #p.s. I wonder if it would be okay to ask for your advice occasionally.

    Cheers !

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