Police Motorcycle Competition Pix

My staycation last week did not completely consume my time with knocking off projects on the “honey-do” list and looking after my mother-in-law. I took two days to serve as a judge at one of the largest motorcycle police riding competitions (aka “police rodeo”) held in Virginia. I cropped, edited, and posted 142 photos from the event. Some of what I saw with comments…

…appear below. If you want to bypass the bloggetory and just oogle at the photos, they are posted on my website’s “cop galleries” here.

The paramilitary opening ceremony on Saturday morning was led by all the motor officers riding their motors in full uniform to line up for a flag salute, singing of our National Anthem (quite well done), and welcoming speeches.Openprocession03Openprocession18The main reason we were there was to witness great riding skill from 74 officers who competed:Cops28I am always impressed by the tremendous effort and capabilities these officers demonstrate as they move through the courses. There were a few mishaps with dropped bikes, but even those who had that problem are far superior riders than I will ever be.

Of course being a boot guy, I looked closely at the boots that the cops were wearing. The vast majority wore dress instep Dehner boots with lug soles.Boots15Most of the units at this competition were from Virginia, and they all model the same boots worn by the largest unit, Fairfax County, Virginia. This year, I did not see any bal-laced (really “old-school”) traditional Dehner boots. I saw maybe a half-dozen alternate boots, such as these:BootsshinyI never could determine what brand these ultra-shiny boots were without making the officer feel like I was stalking him :-). One cop wore puttees (leather uppers over shorter boots) and two cops wore short tactical boots. But the worst footwear I observed were on a paramedic:TacticalbadVarious adjectives come to mind: unsafe; dorky-looking; lots more. These aren’t real boots.

Overall, I enjoyed working as a volunteer at the competition, enjoying camaraderie with the officers and event organizers, and watching great grace and skill.

The complete gallery of photos is here. Enjoy.

Life is short: admire riding skill and the officers who demonstrate it.