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BlognewI am asked from time to time if I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, or other social media. BHD was active on YouTube for a while, but that’s it and will be no more. Why does BHD not have a social media presence besides this blog?

Mostly because social media is, in my opinion, a huge time-suck. Besides this blog to which I devote as much time as I will make for social media, I really do not want to make time to post stuff on any other social media platform.

Not having a stupidphone helps me maintain this position because I do not have means to post-on-a-whim in “spare moments.” That’s okay with me — I can enjoy the significant savings from not having to pay for an expensive data plan. (For my readers from Europe, you would be shocked to learn that the monthly fees for a data plan in the U.S. are triple yours.)

I also find social media to be invasive of personal information that is no one else’s business. I really, truly, resent the google “log on to all of google” when you log on for email. How they share information from one platform to another is very invasive. I just don’t like it and that is why I will not use any social media that resides on a google platform and is among the reasons why I moved this blog off the Google-owned Blogspot platform to WordPress. (Please do not invite me to join your “google circle” on Google+. I will not use it.)

In don’t know what some of these social media platforms are or do. What’s Tumblr? What’s Instagram? Who cares?

And don’t get me started with my thoughts about Twitter. Who gives a shit about when I take a shit? Pardon the language… but really, besides my doctor, who cares about when I had my latest bowel movement? To me, that’s all Twitter is — just read the bowel movements announced by political candidates regardless of party.

JeansblogSince I have a website built over more than 10 years and has more than 12,000 images on it, I have no need or interest in using visual/photo-based social media like Pinterest or Instagram. If you want to see photos that I post, visit my website.

In full disclosure, my alter ego family guy side does have a Facebook account — but that is to connect with my local community network, co-workers and business colleagues, and huge family across the globe. I never know when I have a new distant cousin except for that — baby pics are posted on Facebook when the kids are 10 minutes old. An email or phone call notification will probably not happen any more. But I clearly separate my alter ego from BHD when it comes to social media, and that’s why the only social media you will see from BHD is this blog.

Life is short: draw the line and hold firm on resistance to social media time-suck.

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