Chippewa Engineer Boots on Cops

rp_McopHOGmag.jpgI received a copy of the latest edition of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle police magazine the other day. The front cover and inside spread featured an article about the 105th anniversary of the Milwaukee Police Motorcycle Unit.

The article had a few photos of the large unit lined up on their Harley police bikes at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle museum in Milwaukee. What boots were the cops wearing?

All of them wear Chippewa “Hi-Shine” tall engineer boots, model 71418. Those boots present a rugged yet good-looking appearance and suit these officers well.MWPThe boots are tough yet quite affordable. They are made in the USA. These boots used to be made in the same state as this motor unit’s home, but like all other manufacturers that get bought out by big conglomerates (Chippewa boots is owned by Justin Brands which is owned by Berkshire-Hathaway), the boots are now made in undisclosed areas of the United States where they can pay the minimum-est wages for non-union labor to keep the labor costs down.

rp_Chipcop.jpgNonetheless, these boots are still made relatively well. The leather sourcing has been difficult for the company, so these boots go out of production for months at a time. Chippewa is still trying to maintain good standards for materials that go into their products. That is very hard to do for a mass manufacturer of very popular boots.

Anyway, I thought I would point out that not all cops wear Dehners. Some wear Chippewa “hi-shine” engineer boots and look great in them.

Life is short: wear good-looking boots with a uniform.MWP2