Wearing Jeans with Boots

LucRattlejeansI continue to be amazed that the web page that I posted six years ago, “Wearing Jeans with Boots” would continue to be the most popular page on my website of all time. Statistics reveal that this one page out of 707 receives over 20% of the daily visits to my site.

99% of these visits are driven by search engines. When looking at the questions entered in search engines, the #1 question that is searched is,

“What does stacked jeans look like?” or “how do you stack jeans on boots?” or something like that. Lots and lots of people, both men and women, are consumed with questions about wearing boots and how to wear jeans with them… and also about whether men should (or should not) wear boots with khakis or suits. (Answer to the latter: of course! Only fearful men led askew by overly fashion-conscious others choose not to wear boots when they really want to.)

I just took a few pics for my website about a new pair of Lucchese Classic Peat Elephant cowboy boots, and among those photos, I saw that I was wearing jeans that were the correct length such that the jeans rested (stacked) on my jeans. Here is one photo of what this looks like:Jeans4You can visit my “Wearing Jeans with Boots” page on my website or see more photos like this one on the page of my website about these Lucchese Classics Peat Elephant boots.

Life is short: wear boots with correct-length jeans.