Painful Blog Break

I never like to do this, but from time to time I must. I will be taking about a two-week break from blogging.


I have seriously re-injured myself. A vertebra is pinching my sciatic nerve. My left leg is numb. My back and left hip are very painful. I am not sleeping very well. No appetite, either.

This vertebra nerve pinch happened whilst shoveling snow, darn it. Just one wrong twist and whammo! My old body can’t take the abuse like it used to.

Next week, I have a major, major series of very important meetings that I am running for work. These meetings will be held in another U.S. state. I must devote 1000% of my time and attention to the success of facilitating and orchestrating all of these meetings.

For all of these reasons, I am taking a break. When I return in a couple weeks, let’s hope the sciatic nerve pinch is resolving.

Life is short: it’s hard to admit when you’re getting old.

4 thoughts on “Painful Blog Break

  1. When we getting old, we need to know how to treat our body differently. I hope you’ll get well as soon as possible! Thank’s for all your writings!

  2. The one good thing about you having your blog is that we can always read all of your old blogs since you have been blogging for the past 8 years.

  3. BHD, I hope you will be feeling better soon. That seems to be a very frustrating injury to deal with. For your sake and your hubby’s, here’s hoping there’s no more snow coming your way anytime soon. I’m sure you found public transit to be disappointing, particularly when taking into account how you ordinarily travel to and from work and around town. We’ll be looking forward to your recuperation and next blog. Take care.

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