The past few days while housebound due to insurmountable mounds of snow, I have been teleworking. It has been a very productive but busy time for me. So while working from my home office, what boots are on my feet?

… admittedly: none. Just warm fuzzy socks of good quality. The kind I recommend for boots: three types of material (cotton for comfort, wool for warmth, and a little polyester for stretchability and fit). Not boot socks, but regular ankle-length socks. No one really needs boot socks because no one ever sees your socks when you wear boots anyway.

No snowplow is in sight in this forgotten, poorer side of the county where I live. Yesterday, I tried to shovel some more so I could get out, but ended up re-injuring the sciatic nerve in my back. Oh joy.

Today, I will go to my office by hook or crook. Since I cannot surmount two-foot high icebergs in the street, I will try to walk to a bus stop and take public transit.

I will wear my Chippewa loggers again. They are comfortable, waterproof, and have lug soles for traction over the inevitable piles of snow I’ll have to crawl over to get to the bus stop.

Wish me well on my first attempt to get back to the office and out of the house. (And let’s hope the NSAIDs work, too. The back is painful!)

Life is short: wear boots outdoors. Socks indoors are fine. 🙂

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