LeatherSpouse and Riding

I had an exceptionally productive day on Sunday, starting with a long, brisk walk at oh-dark-30 with my walking partner, then after a shower, leathering up…

… with my spouse while we took down the Christmas Tree.PartnersNY2016.

I met prospective tenants at my rental house, and selected a nice couple who needed to move right away. She is a local firefighter, and her husband is a mechanic. They’ll be excellent tenants. (Her husband admired the leather jeans and boots I was wearing :-))

I took my spouse to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip. He was still wearing leather jeans, as was I. No one said a thing, but I saw a couple of guys — my gaydar was signaling that they were gay, too — watching us. We just smiled and went about our business.

The weather warmed to a pleasant but seasonable 51F (10.5C), so I donned a leather jacket that was handy, and took the Harley out for a ride. The skies were brilliant blue. I loved the opportunity to ride in January!Ride20160103Now, time to get ready to return to work tomorrow. All good things like this last of my personal winter vacation must end.

Life is short: leather up, wear it, and ride!