Is It Gay to Wear Boots?

This is the last in this series of “is it gay?” blog postings for a while.  I swear, these internet searches all were done on the same day and end up here on this blog to one post or another that I have written over the past three years.

So here goes: is it gay to tuck pants into cowboy boots?

And this one: is it gay for a guy to wear boots?

And this one: is tucking you [sic] jeans into boots gay?

All of them are from various parts of the United States.  I guess that these searches were done by young guys who are concerned about what other people think about whether wearing boots — at all or with jeans tucked into them — is lame, dumb, or in their words, “gay.”

All I can say, as I have been saying, is: “oh brother.” (BHD rolls eyes.)  I could say something a bit more profane, but I will resist.  It just goes to show that there is a LOT of insecurity out there among a lot of young guys.  They will become more secure as they grow older and more mature.

Meanwhile, those of us guys who have grown up and are secure in our masculinity and self-perception — derived from our own sense of self-worth and acceptance of ourselves in our own skin and clothing (and boots) — do not worry about what other people think.  We will look at our boots in our closet when we dress, and pull on the boots we would like to wear that day — with our jeans, our leather, or our business attire.  Whatever we choose, it is our choice, because we don’t give a flyin’ frig about other people’s opinions.

Life is short:  be your own man and wear boots!

1 thought on “Is It Gay to Wear Boots?

  1. Someone left a comment on this blog piece, but violated the commenting policy, so the comment was rejected. However, some (not all) of the commenter's remarks contribute to some thinking in the post. I repeat the relevant parts of the below. (Please note, I rather strictly enforce my commenting policy.)

    Anonymous said:

    Based on my experience with young people at work, it is the immature women who are most likely to remark, "Oh, that's soooo gay" at the young men they meet. Often it is in retaliation against a man who she wants to date, but he shows no interest in her.

    I suspect the woman involved searches the subject to show the man how gay he is. She intends to embarrass him so that he would date her to prove that he's not gay.

    It is also possible that the man feels insecure after such a remark and searches the subject to verify if his footwear identifies him as "gay."

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